South African Adventurers Gear Up For FEAT Tonight


I’ve mentioned FEAT more than once here on the Adventure Blog. It’s the event that goes down in Johannesburg, South Africa tonight that features 12 top adventurers from that country, with each of them given exactly seven minutes to share an aspect of their expeditions with the crowd. Billed as “the Ultimate Armchair Adventure Experience,” it seems like this is going to be one really great evening, with a whole host of interesting speakers on hand to discuss a wide array of topics. I know I wish that I could be there to see it for myself.

The event is sold out, so if you don’t already have tickets, you’re out of luck. But with just a few hours to go until it begins, I wanted to wish my friend Lisa de Speville the best of luck tonight. Lisa is the founder and organizer of FEAT and I know that she has worked hard to put the event together. Considering it is in its first year, and is already a sell out, I think it is safe to say that it is a success.

For those in attendance tonight, I’m told there are a few surprises that won’t be revealed until you’re there. So, sit back, enjoy the evening and have fun with your fellow adventurers, armchair or otherwise.

Congratulations Lisa! Enjoy your night as well!

Kraig Becker

1 thought on “South African Adventurers Gear Up For FEAT Tonight”

  1. Kraig,

    Wow! I knew it would be great and it was even better than that! The audience went home completely inspired to follow their hearts, to answer that calling for adventure in their lives and to just try things – even those people who are not sporty and adventurous. Yay! – FEAT did what it was meant to.
    The speakers were all incredible and because of the mix of topics, there really was something for everyone – and more.
    As for the surprises… we had some super prizes from the event sponsors (envelopes were randomly hidden under chairs in the theatre), a trials bike rider who did some bouncing around on (and onto) the stage and a seven minute clip from Riaan Manser's new doccie about his kayak circumnavigation of Mandagascar (Madagascar Maverick). And, as if 12 speakers and these treats were not enough, our MC for the night was non other than ultra running legend and the King of Comrades Marathon, Bruce Fordyce. He's a great supporter of adventurous pursuits and he was blown away by the speakers.
    I'm still buzzing, my inbox is going mad and I'm just so absolutely delighted by the success of the event. I could hardly get to sleep when I got to bed at 2am this morning because my mind was racing with tweaks to make and so many ideas for fun elements to include.
    The next FEAT will be in Cape Town in early 2011 and it will be an annual event.
    Kraig, thanks for your support and I do hope to have you at FEAT in South Africa 😉

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