Wingsuit Video To Start The Day

Yesterday we got the word that Felix Baumgartner would be denied his attempt at setting a new world record for skydiving, at least for now. Today we have a great video of Jeb Corliss demonstrating what all the fuss is about in this video that shows off the use of a wingsuit. We’ve seen these videos before of course, but this one is pretty amazing for the scenery that Corliss is flying through. The video really does give you a sense of the speed and freedom these suits give to skydivers, and this looks like an absolute blast. (Warning: The music included in the video might make your ears bleed)

Thanks to Rocky over at The Goat Blog for the heads up on this one. Very cool video.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Wingsuit Video To Start The Day”

  1. And the reason for the helmet is . . .?

    A) to complete the black on black look.
    B) insurance.
    C) his mom may see the video and wonder WWWW TTTT FFFFFFFFFF.

  2. Cause it would just be dangerous to do it with out a helmet…then kids would be running around all unsafe and stuff!

  3. or:

    i) it stops bugs getting in his hair

    ii) he always wears a helmet – even when walking around

    iii) the helmet has a licence plate on it so the rangers know where to send the speeding fine

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