Currents Episode 8: Thailand

The good folks over at Five 2 Nine Productions have released another episode of their fantastic web series Currents, which a program that uses whitewater kayaking as a vehicle (pun fully intended!) to educate the public about threats to our waterways around the world. In this latest episode, the crew is off to Thailand, a country that is faced with increasingly polluted waters that are making for variety of health issues.

As usual, this episode of Currents hammers home those threats to the world’s water supply while also showing off some great paddling action. In this case, they find some rather spectacular whitewater to run in Thailand, which looks like it should be on every kayaker’s list of destinations. Great video all around.

Currents – Episode 8 – Thailand from Five 2 Nine Productions on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

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  1. This is really interesting. My brother and I are doing an expedition in Thailand next year ( Will be sure to keep an eye out, and hopefully raise awareness about such issues

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