Expedition Idaho 2011 Website Goes Live

Last week I told you about an exciting new adventure race that is scheduled to go down next August in the western U.S. The race is called Expedition Idaho 2011 and it will pit coed teams of four against one another in the beautiful and remote northern panhandle of that state. Yesterday, the race’s website went live, providing interested racers with even more information about the event.

The race will be 600km (372 miles) and seven days in length and take place from August 14-20 in beautiful Coeur d’ Alene. It will follow in the tradition of such races as Primal Quest, Eco Challenge, and the Raid Galoises in that it will be a back to basics expedition length race incorporating trekking, mountain biking, paddling, and plenty of navigation.

The new website has more information about the format of the race, how volunteers can get involved, a preliminary schedule of events, and much more. The registration form is also in place, as well as a description of what your entry includes. There is also an early bird registration process that lasts until 12 teams sign-up or January 1st, which ever comes first. During that period there is a discounted rate for competing.Β 

Kraig Becker