Expedition1000: Circling the Globe in 25 Increments of 1000 Miles

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British adventurer Dave Cornwaithe has accomplished a number of cool things since he was struck by wanderlust while visiting Uganda back in 1999. For instance, he has skateboarded the length of Great Britain, paddled the Australia’s Murray River from Source to Sea, and traveled 150 miles from Bath to London on a stand-up paddle board. But it is is next project, which is incredibly ambitious, that is likely to capture the attention of many.

Dave is currently preparing to launch his Expedition1000 sometime in 2011. The expedition will consist of 25 journeys, each 1000 miles in length, that will be completed without the use of motorized transportation. For instance, Cornwaithe is already planning on running a 1000 miles down the Mississippi River on a stand-up paddle board and he is hoping to paraglide through the Himalaya and cross Mongolia on horseback. Other modes of travel that are on his list include cycling, skiing, rowing, roller blading, and of course on foot.

While these 25 separate journeys will be their own reward, Dave has some altruistic motivations as well. He hopes to raise £1 million for the Blue Project, an organization dedicated to protecting coral reefs that are threatened by changes to the oceans and our environment in general.

ExWeb posted a brief interview with Dave today that offers more insights into his thoughts and motivations for the the Expedition1000 project. Definitely worth a read. Also check out the video below for an introduction to the project as well.

Kraig Becker