Journey on the Wild Coast Preview Video

Way back in June of 2007 I mentioned an expedition called the Journey Along the Wild Coast. At the time, that adventure was just getting underway, sending Erin McKittrick and Hig Higman on a journey up the west coast from Seattle to the far tip of the Aleutian Islands chain on foot, skis, and packraft. It would take them 12 months to cover the 4000 miles of their route, but it would end up being a fantastic wilderness experience that was epic in proportion and challenging from start to finish.

Below is a video preview of a documentary about the expedition, which wandered through some of the most remote places in the Canadian and Alaskan wilderness.

Thanks to the Adventure Journal for sharing the video and reminding me about this adventure.

Kraig Becker

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  1. You really have to have a great relationship with your partner on a 12 month, 4000 mile trip like this. I'm sure they pushed their relationship to the limits several times.

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