Kayaker Gerry Moffatt To Paddle Last Of Bhutan’s Big Rivers

Kayker Gerry Moffatt is closing in on the completion of a project he started more than 14 years ago when he set out to conquer all of the major rivers in Bhutan. Moffattt, along with a several other paddlers, are currently in that country, and will soon take on the last of those rivers. The team is currently en route to the capital city of Thimphu, where they’ll stock up on supplies before heading out to the eastern regions of the country and begin the paddle.

Gerry is the recipient of a First Ascent Be First sponsorship, and as such, he’ll be posting updates from the Himalayan kingdom on the First Ascent Blog, with the first video dispatch arriving today. Check it out below, as it gives a bit more insight on the expedition, and the country of Bhutan itself, a place I would love to visit some day.

Kraig Becker