Tips On Taking Great Adventure Photos

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As Alan Arnette packs for Antarctica, where he’ll be climbing Mt. Vinson as he begins his quest for the Seven Summits in support of Alzheimer’s research, he’s been thinking about the best way to capture images of his adventures. To help him sort though the options, he’s enlisted the aid of mountaineer and photographer Brad Jackson, and Alan has shared Brad’s advice with all of us on his blog.

Alan really does have some great advice for aspiring photographers looking to get great shots in the mountains, or just about anywhere else for that matter. Some of his tips include such simple things as how to keep the camera close at hand to get the shots you want (everything from a fanny pack to a small pouch attached to your pack) to how to keep your batteries charged while in a remote location.

On the delicate matter of which camera to recommend, Alan doesn’t give any specific choices, but does note that both point and shoot and DSLR’s have their place. He offers some tips on what to consider in each, and gives good anecdotal evidence of why having an extra battery or two is always a good idea. He does say that a good pro-sumer level DSLR is the way to go on the big mountains though, as they are easier to operate while wearing gloves.

Alan even goes on to talk about post production and how Photoshop, Lightroom, and other tools are now part of the process and that you should probably expect to use them to help get the most out of your shots. It’s just part of modern digital photography, which gives all of us more options at our fingertips than we ever thought of before.

All in all, a pretty insightful article that can serve, at the very least, as a good reminder of things that we all need to think about when taking photos. As someone who enjoys photography, but still feels he has a lot to learn, stories like these help me to consider a few things I hadn’t.

Can’t wait to see the photos from the Summits Alan!

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