Tongariro Alpine Crossing Caught On Video

The New Zealand’s Tongariro Alpine Crossing is widely considered to be one of the best hikes in the world. While just 19.5km (12.1 miles) in length, it offers plenty of remote, stark beauty in it’s unique geological features that includes volcanic landscapes and tremendous views of the surrounding countryside. The video below captures the essences and highlights of the trail in just under three minutes, which will be plenty of time to convince you that you should make the hike for yourself.

Thanks to the Best Hike Blog for sharing the video.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Tongariro Alpine Crossing Caught On Video”

  1. I have a few panoramic photos from 2005 when I did the crossing + the tour of it. Basically the Tongariro National Park is the ONLY desert of New Zealand.
    Some photos (sorry for quality I have to redo this part of my site) here:

    an here:

    And yes, for a day hike, it's excellent!
    In NZ for mutiple days I recommend easy Abel Tasman & Kepler track.
    If you want the most difficult track where not everyone finishes (getting rescued by helicopter) then go for the Dusky Track.
    I you like the Dusky track and find it easy, you might start thinking becoming an adventurer 🙂

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