WideWorld Interviews Aron Ralston

Interviews Aron Ralston : With Danny Boyle’s new film 127 Hours creeping out (far too slowly!) to the public, Aron Ralston, the subject of the critically acclaimed movie, has found himself the center of attention once again.

As most of you know, Ralston is the young man who rose to notoriety back in 2003 when he was hiking in Utah and had a boulder fall on his arm. Stranded in the wilderness for several days, he resorted to using a pocket knife to amputate part of his own arm in order to escape.

Our friends over at WideWorld managed to score an interview with Aron and posted it earlier today. It overs some amazing insights into Ralston’s thoughts while trapped under that boulder, knowing early on that he was going to have to amputate the arm, but having to work up to actually doing it.

He also tells WideWorld how it felt to go through that process, calling it “both extremes of pain and absolute elation.” He goes on to talk about leading a life of adventure, since his accident he has climbed all of Colorado’s 14ers, competed in adventure races, and more. Finally, he talks about his rebirth, and the impact of meeting the woman who would eventually become his wife.

It is a very powerful piece and a highly recommended read. Aron shares some very personal moments and talks about things that have influenced and changed his life for the better, even after his well documented story in the canyon.

Now, has anyone seen the film? It isn’t playing in the Austin area, so I haven’t had the chance to see it yet. If you have seen it, what are your thoughts?


8 thoughts on “WideWorld Interviews Aron Ralston”

  1. I haven't seen it yet….but am headin' to the theater as soon as it's close by!
    It's such an unbelievable story and I hear that the movie's doing it justice (and making people pass out)!

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  3. I just say the film, it was very well made, a little hard to watch when he is cutting off his arm and he is drinking his own pee. Overall it is a must see, James Franco was amazing playing Aron, worth the movie ticket.

  4. Thanks for the thoughts. I was hoping to see it this past weekend, but it wasn't in the cards. Going to try later in the week, and will post thoughts when I get the chance. 🙂

  5. I saw the film this evening. An extremely tense film, and james franco played a mezermizing part. I just couldn;t watch the complete cutting-off-arm segment, but I felt the pain. Kudos+to both Aron and James. An incredible story about an incredible young man.

  6. I just saw the film. I love movies in general…but in honesty, this one was just way too intense for me. You have to have some kind of stomach to watch this film.
    My hat is off to him for getting through what he did. I can't say I left this film feeling inspired. Definitely not a "feel good" movie.

  7. Saw the film last night. Incredible story and hands down, James Franco nailed the part with perfection. By far, probably the best role played by a male actor this year. The only thing I wished was different was knowing the backstory of Aron.. I understand that the film is about his survival, but considering the director, he tends to either define the characters at the beginning or end of his films. Although, I'm not complaining at all. Terrific story.. Great film..

  8. Its a challenge that Danny Boyle and James Franco had taken up shooting a film revolving around a single character.

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