Custom Three Piece Kayak Can Be Stored Anywhere

Check-out this custom built, three piece kayak that snaps together effortlessly and hits the water in a matter of minutes. The boat looks and paddles just like any other hardshell kayak on the market, but can be pulled apart for easy storage and can be delivered to the water on top of a Mini Cooper. For apartment dwellers or those with limited space, this is a fantastic option. One problem though, it’s not available to the general public, as this is most definitely a one of a kind mode.

(PS: The designer and creator of the Tri-Yak is my uncle, who can pretty much design build anything. Up next, a new recumbent bicycle that is already nearing completion.)

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Custom Three Piece Kayak Can Be Stored Anywhere”

  1. That is amazing. I've always been fascinated by paddlers who make their own boats. Recently, I came accross a website of a guy who made his own canoe from one sheet of plywood. A 36 lb. canoe for $40 – $50 (depending on where you live)? Awesome. Of course it isn't too functional for anything other than tooling around the flattest of water, but a fun project nonetheless. And it looks cool…like a South American pipante. You can see his plans at

  2. I am sure you read about this on the Goat blog – Build Your Own 10lb, Foldable Kayak

    But what really caught my attention was one of the readers comments ( Chip). His kayak/tent design is unique and amazing ! Too bad there was no information on his site about his "invention".

    That made me thinking about other "portable" kayaks. That's when I found out about packrafting. Looks pretty cool…

  3. How much does it weigh. It's kind of in between a conventional kayak and a folding kayak. Kudos to your uncle for running with this idea….

  4. Weighs in at about 25 pounds when it's fully assembled, but obviously the three pieces easy to lug around separately.

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