First Ascent Paddlers Hit The Water In Bhutan

Yesterday I posted an update on the First Ascent paddling crew, led by Gary Moffatt, who were hoping to kayak the biggest rivers in Bhutan. In that post I noted that monsoon rains were keeping the team off the water, but apparently that was a short lived problem, as they were finally able to get out on the river and run some canyons that had never been paddled before.

Moffatt posted an update to the Born Out There BlogΒ with news on the teams progress and the things they saw while in Bhutan. Better yet, he shared a video, which you’ll find below, that really shows off the great kayaking that they found there. With this descent, Moffatt becomes the first person to paddle all of the major rivers in the Himalayan kingdom. Impressive stuff.

Kraig Becker