Greg Hill Completes 2 Mill!


As the clock nears midnight, and the curtain drops on 2010, one of the yearโ€™s big adventures comes to a successful conclusion today as Backcountry Athlete Greg Hill has completed his quest to ski and climb 2 million vertical feet in a single calendar year.

According to this post over at The Goat Blog, Greg finished up earlier today at Revelstoke Mountain Resort in British Columbia, where a group of friends and family were on hand to salute his accomplishment. Hillโ€™s Backcountry Bio Pageย now marks his total at 2,000,716 feet.

To put this accomplishment in perspective, in order to achieve 2 million vertical feet in a 12 month period, Greg had to average 5480 feet of climbing and skiing each and every day of the year. That is some serious dedication and a very impressive feat athletic feat.

Congratulations to Greg on achieving this spectacular goal. Now take a day off and head to the beach or something.

Kraig Becker