Infographic Helps Us Find The Big Snow

With the holidays looming, I know plenty of people will be taking some extra time off with the intention of heading outside and enjoying the winter weather. With the ski season in full swing, I’m sure plenty will be hitting the slopes as well. If you’re still undecided on where you should go for the best powder however, you may want to check out the infographic below.

This graphic was put together by the fine folks over at and was built using data that was sent out in a newsletter a few weeks back from the Adventure Journal. (Sign up for newsletter here!) The image shows the impact of La Nina on the weather patterns in North America, and projects which ski resorts will get the most snow over the coming months. It also lists those ski destinations and shows their locations as well, which makes it easy to plan your next big powder adventure.

In a typical winter, you really can’t go wrong with any of these resorts, but in a La Nina year, they are something extra special.

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Kraig Becker