Kayaker Tao Berman’s Greatest Hits On Video

Extreme paddler Tao Berman has done some crazy things in a kayak over the past decade, and many of them have been captured on video. Check out the compilation of some of his “greatest hits” below to get an idea of what this guy is all about. There is a lot of wild stuff here, which will lead you to believe that Tao may be just a bit crazy.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Kayaker Tao Berman’s Greatest Hits On Video”

  1. I've seen my share of WW kayaking videos, but nothing like this !

    I don't think it's crazy… I think what he does is the highest level of both physical fitness and mental preparedness…

  2. Agreed Paul. My comment in the post was a bit of hyperbole. Tao is an amazing athlete, but it's hard not to cringe at some of those plunges. Yikes!

  3. The dude is awsome…most of that is athliticism…but a couple of those stunts are just plain crazy. I'm sure even Tao would admit that!

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