Outside’s Top Ten Adventure Stories For 2010

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Yesterday we had an interesting little story on the Outside Blog that listed the Five Greatest Adventure Hoaxes of All Time. Today, they follow that up with their selection for the ten biggest stories in adventure for 2010.

Unlike the list of hoaxes, I won’t give them all away here, but suffice as to say, you can predict what a number of those stories will be. Amongst the big adventure news items that made the cut were Alex Honnold’s various climbing efforts, which included a new speed record on a couple of back-to-back climbs on El Cap, amongst other things. The continuing battle with performance enhancing drugs in the world of competitive cycling also gets a mention, as does the young kids who lit up climbing the world, like Jordan Romero, who topped out on Everest at the age of 13. Of course, my favorite story of the year, Ed Stafford’s completion of his Source-to-Sea trek along the length of the Amazon, also gets a nod.

The top two stories on Outside’s list don’t rank as high with me simply because I don’t follow surfing all that closely. I know in that world they are big stories, but I felt there were others that deserved higher mention, such as Roz Savage’s completion of her solo row across the Pacific or Eric Larsen visiting all three “Poles’ in a single year. Of course, that’s what makes these lists so interesting, is that they are also highly subjective.

What makes your list of the top Adventure Stories for 2010?

Kraig Becker