High Tech Cameras Capture Polar Bears At Play For BBC

Apparently there is a new television show running on the BBC in the U.K. called Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice in which they send specially designed, high tech cameras out to film those amazing creatures in their natural habitat. Those cameras have caught some pretty spectacular footage as you can see in the two clips below.

The first video shows the natural curiosity of the Polar Bear, when one comes over to investigate the ball shaped camera that has rolled into its domain. The bear bats it around like a soccer ball while trying to figure out if it is something it can eat or not. The second video gives us a bit more footage of just how these new cameras work and how they are delivered to remote places on the ice aboard a very cool looking vehicle. The cameras and their delivery system look like something you’d encounter on the ice planet of Hoth, but they certainly do the trick. The second video ends with a momma bear playing around with it as well, while an adorable looking cub wanders in and out of the picture.

Great stuff. I want one of these cameras to play with! 🙂

Kraig Becker

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