International Multi-Day Adventure Race Calendar Goes Live!


Are you wondering what expedition length races are on the adventure racing schedule for 2011? Looking for a race for you and your team to compete in? Than look no further than this AR Calendar created by South African endurance athlete, writer, and all-aroud amazing gal Lisa de Speville.

It is no secret that adventure racing seems to be on the rise once again, with great races of various lengths taking place all across the globe. It is difficult to keep track of all of the big events that are going on each month, and Lisa’s new calendar is the best resource I’ve seen for keeping track of just where and when the multi-day races are taking place. Lisa not only lists the dates and locations of the race however, as she also offers up the length of the course, disciplines that will be included, costs of entry, and more. This is definitely a great resource for teams deciding when they’ll be racing in the months ahead.

If you’re a race director, and you don’t see your race on the list, you’ll definitely want to let Lisa know. She can be contacted at: and she’ll want the following information to get your race on the calendar:

• Town, Country
• Date
• Name of event
• Distance and/or duration
• Disciplines
• Non-stop or staged (if staged, how many days)
• Team format (solo, pairs, 4’s etc)
• Assisted or unassisted
• Entry fee per team or per person
• Prize (only prize for 1st place)
• Note (any special information you would like mentioned)
• Contact (name, email, website)

And when your’e done browsing the calendar, give Lisa’s whole AR website a look. It is also an excellent resource for racers both new to the sport and experienced. 
Great job Lisa!
Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “International Multi-Day Adventure Race Calendar Goes Live!”

  1. Thanks Kraig. The only problem with the calendar is that it's like a big dessert buffet; so many tempting treats and so not enough leave (or money) to be able to do 'em all! (or even some in a year)

    What is great is that here in South Africa, where we only have two or three teams who travel abroad, more racers are checking out the options available and are saying, "Hey, I want to do that one!". I'm sure it will be like this for other racers around the world 😉

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