Ireland Gets A New Adventure Film Festival

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The Explore Foundation, which is a new non-profit organization founded by Tim Lavery and Ripley Davenport, has announced a new adventure film festival for Ireland. The Killarney Adventure Film Festival, or KAFF, is scheduled to take place April 7-10, 2011 and will feature plenty of great adventure films from amateurs and professionals alike.

The organizers of the event are now looking for submissions and on the official KAFF website they have this to say about what they are looking for:

“It’s open to everyone that does weird, wacky, death-defying acts of adventure so here’s your chance to get excited and have a crack of getting your adventure film into the Hall of Fame and onto the big screen. By all accounts, who knows where this may lead to next?”

No matter what your outdoor adventure passion, you’ll find a spot at KAFF. Entries can be short videos or feature length films, and can fall into a variety of categories including: Polar Adventures, Climbing Adventures, Desert Adventures, and a whole lot more. For a complete list of the categories click here and to register to submit a film, click here.

While still in the early planning stages, it seems that there are plenty of great things on tap for the first ever KAFF. The early info hints at surprise guests, screenings of some big films, and great prizes for the winners. The official website offers more info on Killarney as well, including where to stay while attending the event.

The Explore Foundation was founded in December of 2010 and has the ambitious goal of inspiring young people to see the world through a different perspective. The non-profit hopes to educate and inspire them through exploration and adventure. It seems there are some big things in the works for the organization, and we’ll all just have to wait to see what is ahead. For now though, the focus is on KAFF and building a great adventure film community around that festival. Sounds like a blast!

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Ireland Gets A New Adventure Film Festival”

  1. I believe the press release stated it to be the 1st Killarney Adventure Film Festival.
    We are certainly not the first, that we know.

  2. You're right, the PR says the first for Killarney, but the e-mail subject said "1st Adventure Film festival in Ireland."

    I'll change it up! 😉

  3. A typo error on the subject line. No worries. An error. Misunderstanding.
    Thanks Kraig for amending.

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