MTV’s Made Sends Two Girls Into The Alaskan Wild

Have you ever seen the MTV show Made? Me either! The show, which is aimed at teenagers, is a reality program that gives teens the chance to do things to live their dream by becoming something that they always wanted to be, such as a hip-hop dancer or the member of a boy band. Apparently on tomorrow’s episode two young girls decided they wanted to become “extreme survivalists” and they were sent off to Alaska for a month to live out their dream. These two young ladies, from South Dakota, probably watch too much Bear Grylls!

The show airs at 4PM Eastern and West Coast tomorrow and you can check out the preview video below. Why are they in bikini’s? Well it is MTV after all!
Thanks to reader Brian Leitten for sending this in. Brian actually helped film the episode in Alaska, and probably has some really great behind the scenes stories to share.
Kraig Becker

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