National Geographic Announces Adventure Travel Initiative


National Geographic is jumping into the adventure travel arena in a big way and has announced 11 great itineraries for 2011. These new travel opportunities will fall under their National Geographic Expeditions umbrella, but will have their own Nat Geo Adventures brand.

Amongst the destinations for these inaugural trips are Nepal, Chile, Bhutan, Mongolia, and more. The trips are capped at just 16 travelers, which helps to keep it a more intimate affair, and accommodations will range from deluxe camping to cozy mountain inns and lodges depending on the location. The itineraries are also graded on their level of challenge, ranging from easy, moderate, and strenuous, all the way up to “Ultimate Challenge.”

In putting these trips together, Nat Geo partnered with Mountain Travel Sobek, one of the top adventure travel companies in the world. Experts from both organizations worked diligently to craft a travel experience that is very different from what is offered elsewhere and that means good things for the adventurous traveler who is looking for something unique.

One of the more interesting options is a 14 day trip through Mongolia on horseback. Travelers will stay in traditional villages while exploring the countryside just like the nomadic Mongol tribes of the past. They’ll also have the opportunity to spend some time with National Geographic hosts, anthropologist Carroll Dunham, and her husband, photographer Thomas Kelly, which is just a hint at how the Nat Geo Adventures will vary from other similar trips.

Personally, I think the move into adventure travel by National Geographic is long over due. These trips all look fantastic, and the Nat Geo trademark style is all over them.

For a full list of the tours, click here.

Kraig Becker

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  2. Nepal,Mangolia having beautiful nature and lots of attraction things….. Adventure travel is a physical activity, a cultural exchange or interaction and engagement with nature.

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