New BBC Series Celebrates The Human Planet

The BBC is perhaps the best television production company on the planet. They’ve brought us some amazing shows, such as Blue Planet and Planet Earth, amongst numerous others. It looks like that tradition will continue with a new show, entitled Human Planet, which will make its debut tomorrow night for those who are lucky enough to have access to BBC One and BBCHD.

The show looks to be a celebration of human life on this planet. Our ability to adapt and live in some of the harshest environments imaginable and thrive in places that we typically wouldn’t exist in. It is an examination of the human spirit and the creativity and adaptability that comes along with it.

You’ll find the trailer for the show below, and as you might expect, it looks exceptionally beautiful, capturing some amazing scenes. This time however, those scenes aren’t of wild animals surviving in the wilderness, but humans, surviving all over the planet. Looks great!

Kraig Becker