Ski Tibet: Attempting the First Descent of Shisha Pangma

Last fall, a team of talented skiers and climbers traveled to Tibet to attempt to climb, and make the first descent of Shisha Pangma, an 8013 meter (26,289 ft) monster in the Himalaya. They managed to capture their adventure on video, which chronicled their travels through colorful and chaotic Tibet and on to the mountain itself. Last week they released a short teaser video of that adventure, which you’ll find below. After watching it, you’ll definitely be looking forward to the “long version” as it is beautifully shot and looks incredible.

Thanks to Adventure World Magazine for the tip off to this one.

Ski Tibet short version from Mark Fisher on Vimeo.


8 thoughts on “Ski Tibet: Attempting the First Descent of Shisha Pangma”

  1. Earlier i did not know that Tibet is so beautiful and amazing. After reading this blog and after watching your video i will definitely plan a visit to this amazing country. I will also recommend this blog to all my friends.

  2. Hey,
    just précise that an attempt was done in 2005 by italian team – Mondinelli, Confortala… – on this CENTRAL shishapangma summit -real summit is Main summit)

  3. Great culture, great place! That would be the best description for Tibet. This is a great palce for people who are seeking new adventures.The teaser shows how beautiful Tibet is! Tibet has an astounding culture!

  4. Well, the highest summit of Shishapangma was skied way back in 1988 by Giorgio Daidola (with buddy), so how can one be attempting a first descent 20 years later? Giorgio skied using skinny skis and the sloppy low leather boots of the 80s. His descent is mentioned in the 1989 AAJ.

  5. Didier Givois and myself skied free heel from the top of ShishaPagma in september 1988. we published articles In Rivista della Montagna N. 104 january 1989 and in many french magazines. An article was published also in BackPacker! Unbelivable a first attempt after so many years!!!
    Giorgio Daidola

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