Time Lapse Video Captures Antarctic Journey By Ship

I came across this video earlier today and definitely thought it was worth sharing. It follows the adventures of a Russian icebreaker as it goes on a 201 day journey to Antarctica and around the continent, stopping a variety of research stations along the way. The time lapse photography captures the voyage very well, and gives us a great glimpse into travel around the frozen continent.

The ship actually visits the “Pole of Cold” which is the location of the coldest temperatures on the planet. In this case, that means -89.2 °C or −128.6 °F. Now that’s cold! Oh, and while they’re there, they build in airplane, just for good measure.

Cool stuff!

РАЭ-54 с борта НЭС “Академик Фёдоров” from North Pole on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

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