Top Adventurers Reveal What’s On Their Bucket Lists

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Here’s another article that was posted while I was away last week, but is definitely worth a mention. National Geographic Adventure polled some of the top outdoor athletes and explorers and asked them what remains on their “bucket lists” to accomplish. The results were then put online for us to enjoy. Check it out here.

Each person on the list was allowed to name their best trip ever and the dream adventure that remained to be accomplished. For instance, mountaineer Ed Viesturs said that his best trip ever was his third climb on Annapurna, which successfully put him on top at last, finishing off the 8000 meter peaks. And what was Ed’s dream adventure? Visiting the South Pole! Ed didn’t quite make it to the Pole, but he was just in Antarctica to climb Mt. Vinson as part of the First Ascent team.

Other athletes that were polled include skier Alison Gannett, long distance hiker Andrew Skurka, and ice climber Will Gadd, amongst others. Each has already had some fantastic adventures of course, but they also have some big dreams too.

So, if you were asked the same question, how would you answer? What is your best trip ever and what is the top adventure you’d still like to complete? So many choices in each category!

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Top Adventurers Reveal What’s On Their Bucket Lists”

  1. Best: Tasmania's wilderness traverse climbing 19 peaks & surviving with only trench foot disease
    Best to come: before 2017, a long crossing of New Zealand mixing foot-kayak-climbing.

  2. Best Ever: a whole week on the Mt Rose above 3700m in winter… more than 10 years ago!
    Best to come: a great classic ice wall in the Alps, something like the North face of the eastern Lyskamm

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