CheapTents.Com Interviews Polar Adventurer Chris Foot

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you no doubt recognize Chris Foot and probably followed along in his solo and unassisted attempt to not only ski to the South Pole, but then turn around and go back to the his starting point at Hercules Inlet this past Antarctic Season.

Due to bad weather and a few logistical hiccups, he was forced to abandon the return trip however and settle for just reaching the Pole itself. Of course, I use the term “settle” with tongue fully planted in cheek.

The CheapTents Outdoor Gear Blog recently caught up with Chris and posted an interview with the polar explorer on their website. In the interview, Chris discusses his inspirations to explore cold places, why he abandoned the return trip from the South Pole, and his plans to return to the Antarctic to give it another go later this year. He also talks about is biggest weakness, his favorite pieces of gear, and the biggest challenges of making a solo journey to the South Pole.

As usual, this is another excellent interview form the chaps over at CheapTents. They never cease to ask the interesting questions and, as always, we really get a good sense of what their subject is all about. In this case, we get to know Chris and what drives him, and it is clear that he feels that he has unfinished business in the Antarctica and really wants to give his round trip expedition another go. I know I for one can’t wait to see him return for the 2011 season.

Kraig Becker