Paddler Makes First Solo Descent of Australia’s Fitzroy River

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Aussie paddler Lachie Carracher has completed the first solo descent of his country’s largest volume river, the 733km (455 mile) Fitzroy located in the remote West Kimberly region of Western Australia. The entire journey took six days to complete, with a number of obstacles to overcome, including raging Class V rapids, precipitous waterfalls, and crocodile infested waters.

According to Outer Edge Magazine, who named Lachie their Young Adventurer of the Year, the paddler  completed the expedition on Wednesday of this week. Once off the water, he immediately contacted his father and began to consider making another run on the Fitzroy, which is one amongst the top whitewater challenges in the world.

Making a solo descent of the river is no small feat. According to Outer Edge, the Fitzroy has an astounding water flow that measures 21 times that of the Colorado River as it passes through the Grand Canyon. That flow generates plenty of dangerously rough waters and lots of speed as well.

This is certainly an impressive first descent for any kayaker, and I want to join my friends at Outer Edge in extending a hardy congratulations to Lachie on a job well done. To read more about the paddler and his adventures on the Fitzroy, check out his website at

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Paddler Makes First Solo Descent of Australia’s Fitzroy River”

  1. Chris: Do you have coverage of your descent? I'm happy to retract the story or post an update. This note came from Outer Edge Magazine, which featured the story on their site at the link provided.

  2. I had some coverage of some coastal trips,but none of the Fitzroy.Ileft my gear at Mount Elizabeth in the dry season and drove from Broome to the Barnett crossing,got picked up by the owners of Mt Elizabeth in a tinnie And driven high up on the Barnett and decended to Fitzroy Crossing in 6 days I have some photos in storage,and am heading overseas soon.Dont want the story retracted,just like to let other paddlers know it was done earlier from Mt.Elizabeth Station.I also have a descent on the Drysdale in 1994 from Drysdale Station to Kalumburu,and a Kimberly Coastline solo in 1993 from Kalumburu to Broome.I dont suggest that I am the first but certainly got there earlier,and got some great stories from these trips and many other trips,am enjoying the memories as I type. thanks Chris

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