Alan Arnette Takes Us On A Visual Tour Of Everest

In a few short weeks, hundreds of climbers will descend on Kathmandu where they’ll begin their journey to the summit of Mt. Everest. Some will elect to go to the South Side, located in Nepal, while others will travel to Tibet where they’ll scale the mountain from the North. One of those climbers is Alan Arnette, who will be visiting Everest for the fourth time as he continues his Seven Summits For Alzheimer’s Expedition.

Alan is always a fantastic resource for mountaineering information and as he prepares to leave for the Himalaya once again, he is sharing the adventure with us on his website. Yesterday he re-posted a great video on his blog that helps to explain the route to the summit of Everest and just what the climbers go through so that they can stand on the highest point on the planet.

Many of you are probably already very familiar with this process, but for those that aren’t, it is quite eye opening. It’ll also serve as a great resource in the weeks ahead, giving us all a reference to where the various Everest teams are at on the mountain at any given time.

Is anyone else looking forward to the 2011 season as much as I am?

Kraig Becker

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