Epic Tomato Promises Epic Adventures Around The Globe


A new adventure travel company launched this past week that promises to deliver unique travel opportunities to some of the most remote places on the planet, while also delivering cultural immersion and fantastic experiences to adventurous travelers. The site is called Epic Tomato, and comes to us from the folks behind Black Tomato, a company that has been offering amazing trips for some time.

Upon surfing over to the Epic Tomato website, the first thing you’ll notice after you gawk at the great photos for a bit, is that the interface is clean, simple, and doesn’t overwhelm you with choices. In fact, your adventure starts by selecting the type of environment you’d like to visit from the choices of Polar, Desert, Jungle, Mountain, or River. From there, you’ll be presented with several trips to the climate of your choice, with most of those journeys being trips that you won’t find elsewhere. For instance, if you select the “Polar” option for your environment, you’ll have five choices to choose from that include everything from a 4-day journey through the interior of Iceland to a 14-day epic excursion on skis through Antarctica.

The other environmental choices offer similar diversity. The choosing “Desert” will give you the chance to visit the Sahara or the Atacama Deserts for instance, while “Jungle” will introduce you to trips that will take you to Guyana, Borneo, and beyond. Perhaps most diverse of all, is the selection for “Mountains,” which offers expeditions to the Andes, the Atlas, and the Himalayan ranges, amongst others. Those inclined to play on the water will appreciate the selection under “River” as well, with opportunities to paddle in Nepal, Papua New Guinea, and even Uganda.

As an adventure travel writer, I’m regularly looking at the latest travel opportunities to various regions of the planet, partly because there are so many places I want to visit, and partly because I get requests to review sites and itineraries. After looking at what Epic Tomato has on offer, I can honestly say that I’m very impressed. They haven’t just slapped together trips to the usual places and tried to market them in new ways. On the contrary, they have some very unique travel opportunities to some very unusual places. Adventure travelers will definitely want to give the site a look, and they just might find a few destinations that they hadn’t considered before, or even knew were possible destinations. The prices aren’t cheap though, so start saving your pennies now.

Kraig Becker

1 thought on “Epic Tomato Promises Epic Adventures Around The Globe”

  1. I like that they offer a different approach to adventure travel by focusing on the destination first.

    I think that these days there are way too many "adventure travel companies" that offer "standard number of trips and destinations" which makes it more time consuming for adventure seekers to research their next trip.

    Not sure if you've noticed,but I recently bridged partnership with SWAE Sports to promote action sports and adventure travel, but even there I can see room for improvement.

    Sometimes, having too many choices is not necessary a good thing…

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