Alaska Ski Crossing Delayed

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Last week I told you about Michael Ferrara, who planning to ski the length of Alaska, south-to-north, in an effort to raise awareness of the high numbers of emergency response personnel who suffer from of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Michael, along with his dog Lhotse, were hoping to get underway at the first of the month, but it turns out there have been some logistical delays that are preventing them from making progress.

In a blog post to the First Ascent Born Out There Blog, Ferrara indicated that he has been stuck in Talkeetna in part due to bad weather in the area. While the calendars may say that it is spring for most of the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, in Alaska, it is still quite cold and wintery. The path ahead of him is a bit problematic as well, with a river that has just opened up, and a challenging path through the wilderness. Michael is also plagued with a broken stove at the moment, and he doesn’t really want to set out until it is fixed. The problem is, getting it fixed in Talkeetna this time of year isn’t an easy prospect.

But, things are looking up. A couple of locals have given him some route advice and he currently scouting an alternate path that may allow him to get underway more quickly. He still has to deal with the broken stove, but at least he has a potential plan for moving ahead. With more than 800 miles of wilderness to cross, you can bet he’s anxious to get underway.

As for Lhotse, he seems to be a bigger attraction than his owner. The dog will follow along on every mile of the expedition, and he seems to be quite the hit with the ladies, both canine and human, in Talkeetna. In his dispatch, Michael has this to say about his best friend:

“As we walk around town the ladies all come out from the backyards and alleys to greet him. He’s got about three girl dogs who follow him around town. Brad Pitt, I tell you.”

Sounds like someone is having an adventure in Alaska!

Kraig Becker