Gold Rush Mother Lode Adventure Race Joins AR World Series

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A couple of weeks back I told you about a great adventure race called the Gold Rush Mother Lode that is scheduled to take place in California from September 8-11. At the time, I mentioned how the race was expedition length, but not grueling long, and that it was a very affordable option for teams that didn’t have the time or resources to take pat in one of the longer races happening in North America this year. It turns out that the organizers of the Mother Lode have given us yet one more reason to put this race on the radar, as they announced over the weekend that they are now a part of the Adventure Racing World Series.

What this means for racers is that there is now a second ARWS qualifying event taking place in North America this year, the other being the Raid the North Extreme event which will be held in British Columbia this July. Those who do manage to qualify will be able to compete agains the very best teams in the world at the XPD in Tasmania this October. Traditionally, Untamed New England would also be a qualifier as well, but they’ve elected to take their show on the road to Switzerland this year.

This is just more proof as to how great 2011 is for both teams and fans of adventure racing. There are so many great events taking place this year that its hard to keep track of them all, and the AR World Series just continues to grow and become more prominent. The inclusion of the Mother Lode into that series is great for the ARWS and for teams looking to go to Australia later this year.

Kraig Becker

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  1. We are thrilled to take part in the Mother Lode race and get a chance to compete for a chance to go to the World Championships in Tasmania. Gold Rush is known for putting on awesome events, and we have heard that this race will be even better than ever, andf we are looking forward to racing against all the top teams, and battling it out to go to Worlds. GR's inclusion as the only U.S qualifier for Worlds shows their continued desire to put out excellent races, adn they are finally being recognized for that. gGood job GR. See you in Sept.

    The Tecnu Extreme/StaphAseptic adventure racing team

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