North Pole 2011: Barneo Ice Camp Is Open

Last night the first planes began arriving at the Barneo Ice Camp, the temporary base that is constructed on the ice each spring to allow explorers to travel to the North Pole from the Russian side of the ice. To build the base, a team of paratroopers is dropped out of the sky, and they begin constructing the camp, including building a land strip for the passenger planes to start arriving. The base is maintained for about 3-4 weeks, and then abandoned again for the year, and since it is built on a frozen ocean, the location of the camp is often in flux.

So what’s it like to arrive at this base? Check out the video below, which was shot from the first aircraft to arrive at Barneo yesterday, carrying the first teams of skiers, including the Walking with the Wounded team and Prince Harry.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “North Pole 2011: Barneo Ice Camp Is Open”

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  2. The footage is …ahem…what's the word I'm looking for ? 🙂

    Since I "became adventurous" ( partly thanks to your blog :)), Arctic/Antarctica/North Pole became one of my dream destinations…until I saw this video.

    Remember the cartoon "Madagscar2" when penguins escaped from NY Zoo to travel to Antarctica, and once they arrive there, they were like " Well, that's sucks"…

    Because…well, there is nothing to see 🙂 as you can clearly see in the video…

    I think that when it comes to visiting North Pole it's more then just "sightseeing"…

    Otherwise, I could just go back to Siberia –

  3. LOL! So true Paul. It is one big, empty, snow and ice covered, flat land huh?

    You certainly don't make the journey to the North Pole for the scenery. South Pole isn't much better either, although there are some mountains to see along the way at least.

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