Ocean Rowing: The Indian Runner Is Off!

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This morning, Team Indian Ocean 3100 set off from Australia and are now out on the open water, where they’ll attempt to set a new record for crossing the Indian Ocean under human power. The team, consisting of James Kayll, Ed Wells, Tom Kelly, and Ollie Wells, now faces 3100 nautical miles of rough seas as they attempt to finish their expedition in under 68 days.

According to their most recent blog post, the boys hit rowed out of Geraldton, along the east coast of Australia, this morning at 6:30 AM local time. Their boat, the Indian Runner, is 29-feet in length and features two oar stations, allowing two men to be rowing at all times. The hull features a carbon fiber shell, and there is room aboard to store all of their food and supplies. A water maker will purify sea water for the team, who will consume up to six liters per day, and solar panels on the roof will power all of their gear, including a satellite tracking system that will keep us informed of their progress.

The team is also competing in the Indian Ocean Rowing Race, perhaps the toughest ocean rowing competition in the world. The race’s 3100 mile course ends at the island of Mauritius. Considering that there are only two boats in the race however, and the other one is a two person affair, the only thing they’re competing against is the clock. To win that battle, they’ll need to reach the finish line in 68 days, 19 hours, and 40 minutes.

Kraig Becker

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