Outside Gives Us 10 Things To Watch On Everest This Year

Everest kalapatthar crop

The Outside Blog has an interesting list up today of 10 things to watch on Everest this season, featuring a brief run down of some of the fun, and crazy stories from the annual circus that surrounds the world’s tallest mountain.

Amongst the items to make the list are Alan Arnette’s Memories Are Everything expedition, in which he is climbing to raise funds for the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. Alan is a frequent contributor to the Outside Blog and I have been following his dispatches from the mountain closely as well. Other climbs of note include Edurne Pasaban’s no-oxygen climb on the South Side and Nick Rice’s attempt to do the same on the North.

A couple of the items on the list aren’t actually on Everest, but its neighbor Lhotse instead. Spanish climber  Carlos Soria Fontan is attempting that peak at the age of 72 as his on going effort to climb all 14 of the world’s  8000 meter peaks. Similarly, another team of climbers will attempt Lhotse and then ski down the West Face.

At the moment, most of the teams on the mountain are building their high camps and acclimatizing. Some have spent a night or two at Camp 2, and most are waiting for the Sherpa teams to fix the ropes up to C3, C4, and eventually the summit. This is all standard procedure on the mountain, and everything is on schedule for an expected mid-May summit window, weather permitting of course.

Kraig Becker