Adventure Lisa Launches AR Podcast, Interviews Team Cyanosis On Eve Of Expedition Africa

Expedition Africa, a 500km long adventure race that takes place in the Western Cape of South Africa, is set to get underway this weekend, and in preparation AR guru Lisa de Speville has launched a new podcast during which she interviews two members of Team Cyanosis, who will be taking part in the event.

Lisa chats with team captain Clinton Mackintosh and navigator Nicholas Mulder about what challenges they expect out of the race, who their main competitions will be, and their strategic approach to an event of this length. The podcast is just another great addition to Lisa’s already fantastic AR website, which covers the sport in South Africa and beyond.

To listen to the interview in its entirety, click here.

When she isn’t covering adventure racing and other endurance sports, or training and competing in them herself, Lisa keeps herself busy with her other project,  FEAT, which is a night filled with adventure talks given by some great South African explorers and adventurers. During the event, those inspiring men and women have exactly seven minutes to share an experience from their expeditions with the audience in a way that is a lot like TED Talks on speed.

Kraig Becker