Buy Stuff From Planet Gear, Help The International Mountain Biking Association

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Remember that members only gear shop called Planet Gear that I told you about awhile back? Well, they launched on schedule at the end of March, and have been offering up some killer deals ever since. But theyโ€™ve also been partnering with some other organizations, and helping out the adventure community where ever they can. Currently, theyโ€™re working with the International Mountain Biking Association, offering up some proceeds to help their efforts.

For everyone who signs up to be a member for Planet Gear using the link, the company is donating $1 to the IMBA. Additionally, everyone who signs up through that link and spends $50 or more, Planet Gear will award the IMBA $10 in credit.

Remember, signing up for Planet Gear is absolutely free, and if youโ€™re a gear hound, like myself, they have some excellent deals to help update your aging gear or add some new items to the closet. And if you sign up now, you can also help an organization that works tirelessly to create and protect mountain biking trails across the globe. For those of us that enjoy that sport, this is a big deal, as some places have really cracked down on how trails are used, often excluding mountain bikes from the list of what is acceptable.

Definitely a great way to aid the IMBA, while also scoring some good deals on killer gear at the same time.

Kraig Becker