Expedition Bolivia: Day 4

800px Piles of Salt Salar de Uyuni Bolivia Luca Galuzzi 2006 a

It is the fourth day of Expedition Bolivia, the latest adventure from the impossible2Possible crew. This time out, Ray Zahab and his team, are taking a group of youth ambassadors across the salt flats of Bolivia, known as the Salar de Uyuni on foot. The expedition is expected to last about a week, and will cover 250 km (155 miles) in total.

As is typical with any expedition from i2P, there is an educational outreach aspect to this adventure as well. The youth ambassadors, all of which are in their mid to late teens, have been interacting via satellite uplink with classrooms around the world and conducting some chemistry experiments as part of the International Year of Chemistry. One thing that I always admire about the i2P adventures is that they always find a way to link back what they are doing to the classroom in an effort to inspire students to do great things as well.

Today, the team covered 36 km (22 miles), which is tough enough in any environment, but mix in an arid climate and some altitude, they’re at about 4267 meters (14,000 ft), and you can see how that distance could be rough. Check out the video below to get a bit of what this group is experiencing, and you’ll even get the opportunity to see how they interact with those students back home.

Expedition Bolivia Day 4 – 36km from GOi2P on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker