Gear Box: Brooks-Range Cirro Hoody Jacket

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Just because the calendar says that it is spring it doesn’t mean that the weather will cooperate, especially when you head up into the mountains, where conditions can be notoriously fickle this time of year. Fortunately, Brooks-Range makes a fantastic jacket that is taylor made for springtime adventures at altitude.

True to the Brooks-Range philosophy, the Cirro Hoody is a no-frills jacket that gives you everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Super-light in weight, the Cirro is warm, comfortable, and good looking, which also makes it versatile enough to wear on the slopes or around town. With three zippered external pockets, elastic cuffs, and a well designed hood that protects the wearer from the elements, it is clear that the designers knew what they were doing when they created this jacket. The inclusion of an internal pocket is much appreciated as well.

The Cirro uses Permaloft One as its source of insulation and Pertex as an outer shell. That means that you get a jacket that stays warm, even when it gets wet, but is also well protected from moisture as well. Those synthetic fabrics help provide a garment that is both warm and durable, but weighs just 12.4 oz (342 grams). I was particularly impressed with how warm this jacket is, especially considering the lack of weight and bulk. It makes for a fantastic piece of cool weather gear on its own and an excellent insulation layer in colder conditions.

As a frequent traveler, one thing I always appreciate is clothing that is highly packable. That described the Cirro Hoody to a tee. As I mentioned, this isn’t a bulky or heavy jacket, and it also compresses down to a very small footprint, which comes in handy when you’re stuffing it in a backpack. The fact that it adds very minimal weight to that pack is a further reflection on how well Brooks-Range knows their market and what we are looking for in our gear.

All of this comes at a great price as well. Brooks-Range lists the MSRP as $189, which is an excellent deal for a jacket this versatile and well made. Add one to your gear closet for a little extra springtime protection on your next adventure.

Kraig Becker

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