Gear Junkie Interviews U.S. Adventure Racing Champs


The Gear Junkie has always been a big fan of adventure racing. He’s even competed in some of the biggest events around, including the Wenger Patagonia Expedition Race earlier this year. Today, he’s got a great interview with Team WEDALI, the reigning U.S. Adventure Racing National Champions.

In the interview, WEDALI talks about the keys to their success, their primary strengths, and their pre-race strategies for competing. They also talk gear, what their favorite items are, and share some tips for better performance. The interview ends with the team sharing the news that the team is organizing its first race this summer, at the 10th Annual Adventure-O in Minneapolis, MN. on July 9th.

This interview is a good one for anyone interested in starting in adventure racing or is fairly new to the sport. There is so much to learn and it is nice to get a good perspective, and some useful tips from, from a successful team that has been competing for awhile.

I had a chance to meet the team at Primal Quest a few years back (GJ even uses one of my pictures in this article!) and I can tell you that they are a great group of racers. While they are very talented, and highly focused, they still have a lot of fun out on the course, which is something some teams have forgotten how to do. Team WEDALI works hard and have a great mindset for the sport, and I’m happy to see them racing so well.

Kraig Becker