Ocean Rowing: One Indian Ocean Row Ends, Another Resumes


It seems the Indian Ocean is the source of all kinds of interesting news at the moment, with a couple of challenging rows just getting underway and another recently coming to an end. This is the season for those kinds of aquatic adventures on that great big body of water, where rowers scheduled their journeys around cyclones and monsoons.

We’ll start with the fantastic voyage that ended last week, when Erden Eruç became the first person to row from mainland Australia to mainland Africa via the Indian Ocean. Erden reached Angoche, Mozambique on April 20th after setting out from Madagascar where he took shelter during the stormy season.

Successfully crossing the Indian Ocean is just the most recent step in Erden’s great Around-n-Over adventure which is a human powered circumnavigation of the globe. He has been riding his bike and rowing his way around the globe since 2007, and has now crossed both the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Along the way, he is also climbing six summits as well. He has already knocked off Denali and Kosciuszko in Australia, and now that he has made landfall in Africa, he’ll make his way to Kilimanjaro as well. Following that climb, he’ll hit the road once again, crossing Africa on his bike before rowing the Atlantic.

While Erden’s great Indian Ocean adventure has come to an end, Roz Savage’s is continuing. As I mentioned last week, Roz was towed into Geraldton, Australia for a few minor repairs and adjustments to her boat before she hits open water, where small issues can become BIG problems. Eager to get back underway, Roz set out from Geraldton again on Saturday and made good progress on her first few days back on the water. Yesterday however, she noticed an issue with her solar panels charing the onboard batteries, which in turn power the boats electronic devices, Roz’s laptop, sat phone, and so on. So, she once again elected to pull into shore for a very quick fix. This time, it would be at the very last port of call before facing 4000 miles of open ocean.

With the latest repairs taken care of, Roz can now get down to what she does best – rowing oceans. Hopefully the next time I post an update, she’ll be well on her way to adding another big body of water to her resume.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I cannot help but point out the obvious at this point– namely that if something much worse goes wrong in the open ocean resulting in rescue or worse, these incidents will be looked on (not without justification) as evidence of lack of preparation and will reflect poorly on her, her cause, and her supporters. I'd support her if she wanted to come home at this point and start again later without this baggage and with more readiness.

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