Outside Has Seven Questions For Conrad Anker

The Outside Blog has posted an excellent little interview with Conrad Anker, one of the best known climber/mountaineers in the U.S. Anker, as you probably recall, was part of the team that discovered George Mallory’s body on Everest back in 1999, and he shared a lot about that story in the wonderful documentary The Wildest Dream.

Outside took the opportunity to chat with Anker, quizzing him with seven questions that range from how he got started as a professional adventurer, what it was like discovering Mallory’s remains, and how we can still find adventure, even in the 21st century. It’s a an excellent read, and definitely worth your time on a slow Friday.

I had a chance to meet Anker back in 2008 while I was in Bozeman, Montana for Primal Quest. He is an interesting guy who is very approachable and humble about his accomplishments. Definitely one of the most down to Earth people you’ll ever meet.

Kraig Becker