Using Technology, Social Media, And Adventure For Change


I came across this interesting story yesterday on Mashable. It’s about how a non-profit called FindingLife is using social media and technology to help spread the word about their projects, which in this case involves climbing mountains to raise awareness and funds to build a school in Kenya. FindingLife founder Elia Saikaly recently traveled to that country where he climbed Mt. Kenya along with 12 students from Canada and Kenya. The entire expedition was beamed back to schools in North America, where those classrooms could follow along with the team’s progress and learn about life in Africa.

It seems that the expedition has been a success, as the FindingLife blog reports that the group reached the summit yesterday. They hope that their off mountain efforts are a success as well, as the message is to bridge the gap between students on different continents, while also building schools to help the under privileged children in Kenya.

Saikaly, who has made it his life’s calling to address children’s needs on a global level,  also climbed Everest last year and is now part of the Moving Mountains Trust, another organization that works towards helping people in developing nations to work towards a sustainable lifestyle that will not only improve their lives now, but in the future as well.

Below is one episode from an 8 part series that was filmed on the expedition, and it gives you a bit more insights into what the group is doing in Kenya. Excellent stuff!

Webisode 8 – Messages to everyone back home from Findinglifefilms on Vimeo

Kraig Becker