Alan Arnette On Denali

280px Denali Mt McKinley

While I’ve posted a few times on the start of the climbing season in the Karakoram, I have barely mentioned the attempts on Denali so far this year. As many of you know, the 6196 meter (20,327 foot) mountain, located in the heart of Alaska, is the tallest peak in North America, and a formidable challenge at any time of the year. Most climbers attempt the peak in June and July in an attempt to avoid the worst of the weather there, although conditions can be unpredictable and dicey year round.

Fresh off his successful summit of Everest this past spring, Alan Arnette has traveled to Alaska and has already been sending back some excellent dispatches from the road. Alan set off on his latest expedition on Saturday and arrived in Base Camp yesterday, where he reports that his team has the place all to themselves at the moment. The climb itself begins in ernest today, with the team, which is being led by Mountain Trip guides, heading up to Camp 1, located at about 2408 meters (7900 feet). They’ll now spend a few nights there before going back down to BC as part of their acclimatization process.

This is the fourth leg of Alan’s 7 Summits Climb for Alzheimer’s project, during which he is hoping to raise $1 million for the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. Having already finished off Vinson in Antarctica, Aconcaqua in South America, and Everest in Asia, Denali is the toughest of the climbs left on the schedule. It is also a mountain that Alan is familiar with, having attempted it on two occasions in the past. He’s hoping that third time will be charm however, and that this time, he’ll stand on the summit.

Follow along with Alan’s adventure with regular updates on his blog. He always offers great insights into what ever climb he is on and shares his experiences in a wonderful manner. I’ll post updates has he heads up as well.

Kraig Becker