The Eighth Parallel Examines Women’s Adventure Sports In Indonesia

The Eighth Parallel is a fantastic short film created by Darcy Turenne, who traveled to Bali and Java in  Indonesia to interview a group of young women who are pursuing their passion for adventure sports. Amongst them are rock climbers, mountain bikers, surfers, and more, with each of them expressing what drew them to their particular sport and the obstacles they had to overcome to pursue these activities in a culture that doesn’t see many women in that light.

The Adventure Journal has an interview with Turenne, in which she talks about making the film and shares insights into what she learned along the way. You can read that interview here, and it is definitely worth a glance before watching the video below. The short film is over 27 minutes in length, so settle back and enjoy.

The Eighth Parallel from Darcy Turenne on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker