Expedition Impossible Episode 2 Is Tonight

Expedition Impossible Logo 2

The second episode of ABC’s summer reality show Expedition Impossible is set to air tonight, and I know that some of you, like me, enjoyed the first episode and are looking forward to the race continuing. With that in mind, I have a few links to share this morning that fans of the show might really enjoy.

First, we have a great post from Eric Weihenmayer on his BlindVision Blog in which he gives a peek behind the curtain and shares some details of what really went on during the race. If you’re watching the show, he’s the “blind guy,” although most of us know him as the first blind person to summit Everest. Eric isn’t giving anything away in his post, so no worry about spoilers, but he does share insights into some of the events that went down on the first episode. For instance, he mentions that the show was actually filmed over the course of two days, but edited to seem like one. He also says that the first impressions of a couple of the teams were a bit gruff, but that they actually turned out to be good people once they got to know them, specifically the NFL Players and The Fishermen.

One thing that Eric noted that stuck with me was that the contestants to the race really didn’t know what they were getting themselves into and small details made a difference. For example, Eric was the only one who brought gaiters with him on the race, something I noticed and actually mentioned while watching. (Yes, I’m a gear nerd!) That shows his experience in rough terrain, and it helped his feet in the desert. Meanwhile, everyone else, including his teammates, suffered with sand in their shoes. Ugh!

Eric promises to do similar recaps after every episode, and while this one was published last week, it is still worth a read before heading into tonights episode.

Speaking of tonight’s episode, the PR team over at ABC has been excellent at sharing video clips leading up to the start of the race. Turns out they have a few more to offer for tonight as well. Check out the preview below to get you ready for a new episode tonight. Hopefully we’ll start to get to know the teams a bit better and see some really interesting challenges. Enjoy!

Kraig Becker