National Trails Day Is This Saturday


Just a reminder for residents of the U.S., National Trails Day is this Saturday, June 4th and everyone is encouraged to get out and hike, bike, run, paddle, or climb your favorite route. There will also be a number of trail maintenance events around the country, giving us all the opportunity to help build and restore trails in our own communities.

This is the 19th annual National Trails Day, which is sponsored by the American Hiking Society. The event is designed to help encourage Americans to live a more healthy lifestyle and appreciate their wild, green spaces as well.

This year, there are more than 2000 events scheduled to take place on NTD. To discover one close to where Β you live, click here, scroll down the page,Β and use the interactive map to see what is happening in your state. With that many official events going on, there is bound to be something that you can participate in.

Not that any of us need an excuse to get out on a trail!

Kraig Becker