Non-Profit Warm Current Seeks To Inspire Youth Through Surfing


A non-profit organization known as Warm Current has kicked off a unique fund raising program today that will allow them to continue, and expand, their mission of inspiring youth and underserved communities through surfing.

Starting today and running through July 31st, the organization is holding its Faces of Warm Current fund raiser, which focuses on generating cash to purchase new surfboards, wetsuits, and a trailer for upcoming Warm Current surf camps. The minimum donations start at just $5 and anyone who contributes will be able to upload a photo or message of their choice, which will then be added to the side of the trailer in the form of a two inch by two inch tile. Those tiles will form a mosaic that shares your message or image with the young people who will be reached by the Warm Current surf camp program.

The organization sprang from a 2008 surf trip to South America, during which the three founders visited a number of communities where underprivileged people simply couldn’t enjoy the water because they couldn’t afford the resources necessary to take advantage of it. Observing the plight of those local people inspired the idea of helping underserved communities throughout the world to reconnect with the natural environment through surfing. Since then, hundreds of wetsuits and surfboards have been donated to the cause, which has already impacted lives here and abroad.

The plan is to continue sending surf gear to those South American communities that helped generate the idea for the organization, but to also expand the Warm Current surf camps in the Pacific Northwest to help inspire kids here in the States as well. The non-profit has three goals in mind, help underprivileged individuals connect with outdoor recreation; increase the awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship; and decrease the amount of waste generated by the outdoor community by recycling their surf gear.

For more information about Warm Currents and their fund raising efforts, check out the video below. You can also donate to the cause by clicking here.

The Faces of Warm Current from Warm Current on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Thanks for the great write up! Asking for donations is something new to us in our short 2 years of existence – we appreciate the help with spreading the word. The Faces of Warm Current campaign is hopefully an easy and indirect way for folks to get involved and help us continue our mission.

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