Steve House On Repentance and Remission

In 2010, rock climber Steve House did back-to-back ropeless solo climbs on two of the top climbing routes in New Hampshire, if not the entire Eastern United States. The Alpinist posted reports on the the climbs, and today they posted video (Courtesy of Patagonia!) showing House doing what he does best, namely scaling big rock walls.

The two routes are both at Cathedral Ledge and are named Repentance and Remission. They are rated as a III WI5, 3 pitches and a  IV WI5+ 5.7, 3 pitches respectively. Both are a mix of ice and rock, although climbing in February, the ice was more prevalent.

Update: Unfortunately, I’ve been asked to remove this video, as the original owner didn’t give permission to Patagonia to share it in an embedded format. You can still catch it over on Vimeo however. Click here to watch.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Steve House On Repentance and Remission”

  1. Wow what a video, very scary. I saw you looking down on purpose at least once. Not that I could get 5 feet up that rock but if I could no way would I look down. Do you study in detail your path before climbing? Hoe do you get down?

  2. I must say he is not hte first person i see doing this kind of sport but this video it is very good! What a crazy dude! I'm sure any man would love to do that but to have the courage to do it it's more important! Outstanding sport!

  3. I must say he is not hte no. mortal i see doing this forgiving of athlete but this recording it is real complete! What a screwball swell! I'm certain any man would copulate to do that but to screw the bravery to do it it's solon key! Owed mount!

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