Vancouver Island Speed Circumnavigation Attempt

220px Vancouver Island contour map

Long distance paddler Colin Angus is attempting to break the speed record for a solo, circumnavigation around Vancouver Island. He’s hoping to cover the 1150km (714.5 mile) journey in less than 16.5 days. He’s now halfway through the attempt, and has passed the 600km mark and is now headed toward the finish line.

You can follow Colin’s adventure on his website,, where you’ll find daily updates on his progress and a SPOT tracker feed of his current location. As of this writing, the SPOT doesn’t seem to be tracking accurately, but hopefully that’s just a temporary glitch.

Reading the updates on his progress, it doesn’t seem like this has been an easy row for Colin thus far. Not only is he dealing with painful tendonitis in his arm, he has also had to contend with difficult headwinds and turbulent waters. He has also been forced to row further out to sea than you would think was necessary in order to avoid submerged reefs that can create massive waves – sometimes 50 feet high, that could potentially put a premature end to the expedition.

For Colin, and his wife Julie, a rowing challenge like this one is old hat. They once rowed from Scotland to Syria, covering more than 7000km (4350 miles) in the process. Back in 2004, this adventurous couple also set out on a human powered circumnavigation of the planet, covering the land on foot, bikes and skies, while rowing across the Bering Strait and the Atlantic Ocean. They completed that journey two years later, and have continued their pursuit of outdoor adventure ever since.

If everything goes as planned, and his tendonitis doesn’t get any worse, Colin should complete his journey sometime early next week. He’s setting a pace that should allow him to break the record, but weather and conditions on the water can still play a role. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Julie for sending me the tip on her husband’s adventure!

Kraig Becker