Mark Beaumont Joins Team Rowing To Magnetic North Pole


Long distance cyclist Mark Beaumont has ditched his bike in favor of a rowboat and oars. The man who once cycled around the world and rode from Alaska to Ushuaia, will set out on six-week long epic rowing expedition to the Magnetic North Pole that is scheduled to begin later this summer.

I first wrote about his row to the magnetic pole last summer, when the team was still being built. The expedition will be led by explorer Jock Wishart and will depart from Resolute Bay and make its way 450 miles north into the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean. If all goes as planned, the team will set off on August 1st, and they are busily finishing up their training now.

According to his website, Beaumont was asked to join the rowing team by the BBC, who will have him film the journey while also taking his part in rowing as well. The expedition hopes to demonstrate how global climate change has impacted the polar regions, and capturing that on film will help with that cause.

In addition to Wishart and Beaumont, the specially designed arctic rowboat will also be manned by Mark Delstanche, Billy Gammon, Rob Sleep, and David Mans, all of whom have extensive experience on the water.

This should be a great adventure to follow when it gets underway in a few weeks time. Β Find out more about the expedition at

Kraig Becker

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